Amor-A word found in many languages, this one, however, is from the Latin Language meaning Love. It is used to show the love of what we do. Our love of the camera, love of the before and after, love of the transformation the model goes through with each session. We love to see the person’s transformation unfold from the small, scared butterfly with her wings brand new. Slowly the wings dry and start to unfold, then they learn to fly. The smile on the face becomes bigger, and the woman emerges. Armor: Love…. We love what we do, plain and simple. Take something and turn it into something a person will love for years. Learning to find the inner beauty you think you do not have. Wishing you could be something different for just a few hours. We can give you that. An experience of finding love. A love of yourself. To find that love of yourself, enough to reveal your sexy self, is to indeed find Amor.

We aim for elegant, tasteful photographs that wow anyone who sees them. We strive to capture the sensuality while maintaining our clients; privacy and, above all, their boundaries.

During a recent viewing session, Sabrina asked the client the following question:
What was she feeling as she viewed the photos for the first time.” She responded with tears in her eyes, “I never knew I could look like that. I was thinking as you took that photo (the one currently on the screen) that I wish I could do more with my hand or my face. I see now I didn’t need to.” Tears streamed down her face. She continued with the following: “I have never had anyone care as much as you have and taken the time that you did to make sure I felt beautiful. Even, still I still doubted. You have given me something that I never have had before. A beautiful me.
Satisfied Customer
No, I didn’t give you that. You had her all along. You just needed me to bring her to life.
As I looked at her face changing with emotion with the change of each photo, I knew I had done my job well. Photography is not just picking up a camera and clicking a button. It is about listening to what the client/model is looking for. Whatever the reason for the photo session it could be a gift, new husband, a body image, the glow a new mom, to a hard to buy Christmas present. All this matters, however, it is the heart that matters most. That’s Amor and that is what we do.



Amorous Photography